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Fast data for fast cars

Fast data for fast cars: Powerful computing drives motor racing track performance.

With the help of Acer’s computing technology, Australian Supercar team Brad Jones Racing finds every possible performance advantage, second-by-second.

In the highly competitive sport of motor racing, every tenth of a second reduction in lap time that a team can achieve contributes to its chance of winning the race. And while the driver is
a high-performance athlete, pushing both their body and their car to their physical limits, they are also dependent on engineers following the car’s performance in real time and delivering feedback to the driver about what they can adjust to shave every possible millisecond off their lap time.

In 2017, BJR teamed up with Acer to provide the computing technology they need to achieve their motor racing goals. Since then the relationship has grown, with BJR staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

Acer technology gives racing team a performance advantage.

Client: Acer Computer Australia.