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White paper: Reducing Loss of Legitimate eCommerce Revenues with Device Intelligence
Written on behalf of ThreatMETRIX Pty Ltd, August 2007

Article: Industrial Biotechnology – Uncoupling Growth from Environmental Impact
As appeared in What’s New in Process Technology, November 2007

Online article: International protection rating or ingress protection rating?
Published on processonline.com.au, 14 December 2007

Article: Reducing Legitimate eCommerce Losses
As appeared in Voice&Data, March 2008

Article: Environmentally Safe Hydraulic Oils
As appeared in InMotion, March/April 2008

Article: Hydraulic Technology to Benefit the Transport Sector – Australian Inventions Improve Transport Sustainability
As appeared in InMotion, July/August 2008

Article: Megatrends of the Future – The Global Forces Affecting Automation Innovation
As appeared in What’s New in Process Technology, October 2008

Article: Save Energy and Acheive Greater Control with Variable Speed Drives 
As appeared in What’s New in Food Technology & Manufacturing, November/December 2008

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