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6 Reasons to use a Professional Writer

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It is wise to engage a professional writer for your writing projects.

You may think that the most cost-effective way to generate copy is to use in-house staff or write copy for yourself, but often there are hidden costs and disadvantages in doing this.

Using non-writers to create your business or marketing copy my appear to be cheaper – utilising resources you already have – but in most cases you won’t get the same results from your staff as you would get from a professional writer.

1. A professional writer is focused solely on your copy

It may well be that you or one of your staff can write well, but if this is not their normal role, will they really have the time to write what you need – and to the best quality? A professional will make the time to concentrate solely on your project.

2. Professional writers use their knowledge to your advantage

Many people realise that the craft of writing requires a number of skills: the mastery of basic writing skills such as grammar; the understanding of sentence structure and style; and the knowledge of how to write effectively for a specific medium, whether it is web content or print material such as a white paper or article. They also realise that today these skills are in short supply in the workplace.

Whether is its writing copy from scratch, or you have a draft you are struggling to get ‘just right’, a professional writer can produce a polished, professional result.

3. A professional writer can help you target your intended audience

All good writing is written with a reader in mind. Sometimes it is hard to be sure how to craft the text to suit that audience.

For example you may need to explain something in suitable language for those not familiar with it. Alternatively you may need to reach a specific audience with known or predictable knowledge and interests.

A professional writer can create copy in ‘plain English’ so that it can be easily understood by anyone, or write it to suit a known target audience.

4. Professional writers can help you find a new way to present your ideas

Ideas and words that are used too often lose their effectiveness. After all, your words and messages are important for the success of your business, so they need to attract your customers’ attention and should set you apart from the crowd.

This also applies to internal communications – presenting your ideas to employees and stakeholders in just the way you want is important. A professional writer can help you find the right angle for your needs.

5. A professional writer can help you maintain a consistent style

Perhaps you have a style of writing you want to stick to, but find it difficult to maintain consistency – making different documents appear like they came from different sources.  Does your copy stand out from the rest?

A professional writer can help you maintain your unique style that is right for your business.

6. Professional writers today are familiar with SEO

In today’s world, written materials are more and more often published online. Understanding how to write to optimise the use of your desired search keywords is important – to get the best exposure of your material in search engines such as Google.

An SEO-capable professional writer can optimise the text for keyword and key phrase placement and density, to help get the best results.

Online freelancer sites may not really meet your needs

Independent professional writers such as me work through a more traditional process in which we may quote for work against a defined brief.

There are also many Internet sites today where freelance writers offer their services, at quite cheap rates, or bid for your work in an auction. These freelance writers may be located anywhere in the world, so you will need to carefully evaluate their English skills and expertise in the area you want them to write for.

These types of low-cost services can be useful for quick, low information density work, such as blog posts or short-term online marketing copy where you need to keep your costs down.

If you are looking for more lengthy, in-depth material, or need to have more direct communication with your writer, then an independent professional writer, although more expensive, will better suit our needs in most cases.

My work

My technical, scientific and business background and experience allow me to provide writing and plain English rewriting services for many types of documents, including:

  • magazine and online articles
  • web site content
  • case studies or application stories
  • installation guides and user manuals
  • technical and marketing white papers
  • press releases
  • company reports
  • training materials

Some other examples of my work can be viewed on my portfolio page.

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